Jeffersonville Storage

24 - Hour Access

Affordable Self-Storage Units
Short or Long-term Storage

Member of the U-Haul Self-Storage Affiliate Network


Sizes Diagrams Short Description Best fit for Rates

Size of a Large Closet.
Tools, totes, boxes, bicycles.

Size of a Small Bedroom.
1 BR Apartment, furniture, appliances, totes, etc.

Size of a slightly smaller than 1-car garage.
2 BR Apartment, tools, bicycles, NO VEHICLES.

Size of a 1 car garage.
3-4 BR Home/Apartment, smaller vehicle or trailer.

Low-Cost Insurance

Insurance Rates
$8.95/ Month
$11.95/ Month
$21.95/ Month
$40.95/ Month


We have various sizes. First we’ll need to find out what you are storing, then we can determine the best size and then see if it is available.

We offer many sizes. We have units that range from a large closet to as big as a one-car garage.

No. We do not charge a security deposit. But we do charge a one-time, non-refundable, management fee. Also, we only take payment by either credit or debit card and put tenants on Auto-Pay.

All of our units are “month-to-month.” The month starts the day you move in.

Yes. Please use a heavy-duty lock meant for storage. They are called, “disc locks.” The can be purchased most hardware stores.

It is highly recommended. As a tenant, you are 100% responsible for your contents. We offer low-cost insurance through our affiliation with the U-Haul Network. 

No. All of our units are outside, drive-up units. It would be similar to storing in an outside garage.

Our facility is gate controlled and you will be provided a code to have 24-hour access.

No, this facility is managed remotely. There is a manager that can provide assistance, if scheduled in advance.

No. We do not have electrical connections in the unit.

Storage Tips [IMPORTANT]

  • Do not store mattresses directly on the cement. Cement is a natural substance and can absorb moisture from the air and transfer it to the mattress.
  • Cover any furniture or appliances with a plastic sheet, it keeps the dust from settling in the air.
  • Do not store ANY FOOD items. It may attract rodents and insects.
  • Use a heavy duty lock meant for storage. They are called, “disc locks.” The can be purchased most hardware stores.

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